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Internet Packages and Tariffs

-------------------------------------------------------------Home Users (Single PC)--------------------------------------------------------------------

Night Package

Bandwidth Price Time
256/256 Kbps
Rs.575 + VAT
7:00 PM - 8:00 AM
384/384 Kbps
Rs. 700 +VAT
6:00 PM - 6:00 AM
512/512 Kbps
Rs. 500+ VAT
11:00 PM -7:00AM


Note: Unlimited access in Holidays (Not applcable in 512/512Kbps)

Unlimited Package

Bandwidth Price
256/256 Kbps
Rs. 1200
384/384 Kbps
Rs. 1600
Inclusive of all VAT

------------------------------------------------------------SOHO Package(Upto 5PC)-------------------------------------------------------------------

Bandwidth Price
256/256 Kbps   Rs.3000 + VAT
384/384 Kbps Rs.4500 + VAT
512/512 Kbps Rs.5800 + VAT

Extra Charge 

Installation Charge:Rs. 500.00(Free) 

Device Charge: Rs. 8000

Wire: Up to 25-30 Meter (Free) than Rs. 25/M

---------------------------------------------------------------Optical Fibre Package--------------------------------------------------------------------

We have been providing the fiber optics internet to the specific clients such as cybercafe, corporate users, VPN connections and so on.

Bandwidth Price
256/256 Kbps Rs.11000 + VAT
768/768 Kbps Rs.15000 + VAT
1/1 Mbps Rs.19000 + VAT

Extra Charge

Installation Charge:Rs. 10,000.00

Media Converter Charge :Rs. 10,000.00