Residential Package

For work from home freelancers, YouTube surfers, to social media enthusiasts, and gamers, we ensure a connection that is never hindered, interrupted, or retarded, thus we have for you an array of FTTH connections for your daily needs. You can now browse through everything you need at a blazing speed with assured quality without having to worry about data limitations.

 1 Month6 Months12 Months
20 MbpsRs 1,500Rs 9,000
Rs 8,550
Rs 18,000
Rs 16,200
30 MbpsRs 2,000Rs 12,000
Rs 11,400
Rs 24,000
Rs 21,600
40 MbpsRs 2,500Rs 15,000
Rs 14,250
Rs 30,000
Rs 27,000

One Time Instalation Charge

 1 Month6 Month12 Month
InstallationRs 500Rs 500Rs 500
Drop CableRs 1,000Rs 500Rs 0
Router RentalRs 1,000Rs 1,000Rs 1,000
DepositRs 1,000Rs 1,000Rs 1,000
TotalRs 3,500Rs 3,000Rs 2,500

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    SME Package

    The world has become a small place because of the Internet and with Nepal hosting E-Commerce businesses like never before, we can help make the world accessible at the click of a button. Our SME packages are designed for small and medium enterprises that wish to take their business to another level. With high-speed connections and uninterrupted service, we hope to be there when your businesses grow and diversify.

     10/10 Mbps15/15 Mbps20/20 Mbps
    MonthlyRs 2,500Rs 3,000Rs 3,500
    Setup Charge Rs 2,000Rs 2,000Rs 2,000
    Installation Rs 2,000 Free

    Rs 2,000 Free

    Rs 2,000 Free

    Router RetalFree



    Drop CableFree








    Equipment installation and setup

    Need help with your network? Our equipment installation and support team will always be at your service. Pokhara Internet delivers huge value with super-fast broadband over our fiber to the home network.

    Customer support centre

    We provide our clients with free 24/7 support that ensures the solution of any issues with your internet, Clear TV or network. For any problem, big or small, we are always here to help.

    Our happy stories

    In our years of service, we have adapted ourselves to give you the best Internet and digital TV experience. The happy stories from our loyal customers give us the confidence to be better every passing day.

    A more personalized service

    We recognize that not everyone has the same needs. Even the slightest inconvenience to our customers is too much for us. So we listen keenly to every one of our customers and personalize our services.

    What people say

    We would like to thank the team at Pokhara Internet for the outstanding level service we consistently receive in terms of network performance, reliability and customer support.
    Ajay Chhetri
    Executive IT Engineer, Manipal