Company Profile

A decade ago, we started our journey to connect — connect families and loved ones. In a world connected by ISTD’s and STD’s we created an ease with internet. We learned to grow within the diversity and distance with an aim to bring the world closer together. Everyone had their identities–we just came up with means to share. Ever since the company was founded by Mr. Bishwo Shankhar Palikhe and team in the year 2009, Pokhara internet is working to achieve its one goal: to connect the community. We began our service with a team of 5 and now have grown to over 60 people working tirelessly to serve you and to achieve that goal ever since.


Starting with CAT 5 and switch technology, we evolved to become one of the first service providers to cater FTTH (Fiber to the Home) technology in the Gandaki Province Today, Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd has grown over its 10 year’s history of providing IT systems and services to be one of Gandaki Province’s largest Internet and Network Service Providers (ISPs).

In the near future, we plan to expand our services to every corner of the Gandaki province. Our goal is to connect everyone, be it the rural population or the urban ones. We understand the challenges that follows our heading, and we are willing to face every single one of them.  


In this road to growth, we have not forgotten who we serve. We serve the community and we are here for good. We believe that the community benefits when the entire system does. Preservation of the natural environment is one of our many concerns. This is why Pokhara Internet is taking steps to a sustainable future. Our facilities are in the process of conversion from traditional electricity to solar powered operations and plans of creating a service network that will consist of electric transport to promote clean energy are few our eco-friendly steps.

We do everything in our power to preserve the environment and paperless operation is just the first step towards making the environment healthier.

Our Mission

Empower our customers with uninterrupted connectivity and solutions. 

The internet, we provide is for a purpose, we want to expand lives and support our customers in every endeavor possible.

Our Vision

To bring about a sustainable and innovative change in the way that people connect.

With the world becoming a global village we want to be the service providers that work in making the village cleaner.

Core Values

Problem Focused

We do not have a gold mine at our disposal but that does not mean we will ask you to spend a fortune. We make sure that you are the primary benefactors of our solutions.  We, at Pokhara Internet, work from the bottom up to ensure that every problem is solved the best way possible.

Commitment to service

We realize that you are the epicenter to our existence. We exist to serve our customers. Pokhara Internet is committed to serving the community with nothing but the best service. Our commitment is not limited to just being the ISP, we have strong CSR policies, which enable us to serve the community in every way we can.

Customer experience

We value the experience our customers have while using our services, which is why we work everyday to make that service better. We provide our customers with the liberty of choice with special packages and custom tailored solutions. We keenly listen to our customers and take many factors into consideration to make the most reasonable packages for your browsing needs. We will always be willing to adapt to give you the best experience possible.


We strive to be the best in the world but not at the cost of the world. We realize the impact the world is facing because of the growth in energy and resource consumptions, which is why we dedicate our solutions to be more eco-friendly. We plan to go the extra mile to leave the world better than we found it for our generations to come.


Pokhara Internet aspires to become a leader in the internet industry, we operate to cover grounds and explore avenues of innovation and service. With a sustainable growth in mind, the company has become a dynamic and integrated player of the market providing internet and other solutions through one of the largest fiber networks in the Gandaki Province. We are proud to be serving in the following locations and wish to expand our business to touch more lives on the daily.

Please feel free to contact us for your network solutions, we will surely work out a way to get you connected regardless of urban or rural, fiber or no fiber. Let us worry about that!