Here are some genral frequently asked questions from our customers please check this might be what you were looking for.
Check the bandwidth utilization, latency, wireless strength and pinging the default gateway. If everything seems fine at your end, then you can contact our Technical Support to know the cause. It may be due to signal problem, excessive download from other device in your home, automatic update of windows and other software, Lastly it could be due to virus affected in your device.

Pokhara Internet normally provides subscribed bandwidth to its user and is not shared. However if any user demand for shared bandwidth, it’ll be provided on demand and that is mentioned in contract as well.


Before connecting to the router, connect the PC directly to the Modem via Ethernet (NOT via USB) and make sure that the internet connection is working. Then connect the Ethernet cable from the cable modem to WAN/Internet port of the router. Connect your PC via Ethernet wire to LAN port of the router. For further guidance, please refer to the user manual of your router. If this does not work, please contact Pokhara Internet Technical Support.


Since the cable modem is supported by all Operating Systems, it works with any operation system.


This can happen due to any one of the following reasons stated below:

USB driver for the modem is not installed. Check the Device Manager to make sure the USB driver and modem driver are installed. If you are connecting via Ethernet connection, make sure the driver for the Ethernet card are loaded correctly.

Modem is not receiving a signal: check the front panel of your cable modem to see if the “Cable” led is a steady green. If it is flashing (blinking) green, the modem is not receiving a valid signals. Call Technical Support to troubleshoot the problem.

You may not have logged in (web-based or NSC client). Double click on NSC client in the application tray (bottom right corner) or the icon on your desktop and login.

LAN may be disabled. To enable the LAN card do the following:

Go to Desktop

Right click My Network places (alternately from RUN type ncpa.cpl)

Go to properties

Right click the LAN device connected to the modem. If LAN is disabled you will see ENABLE at the top. Click on it.

Go to the properties of LAN

Check internet protocol (TCP/IP)

Go to properties tab of TCP/IP

Under general menu, check “obtain IP address automatically” and “obtain DNS server automatically”

Then click on OK

We bind the CPE Hardware MAC with our DHCP server, thus you don`t have to login to access the Internet. But if you change the CPE device or Clone the MAC address you will be redirected to the login page. To solve the problem please contact Technical Support. Other reasons for such problems could be:

Subscription to Night surfing Internet results in this page if you try to log in during the day.

If your account is disabled or your subscription has crossed the expiry date you will be redirected to the Login page.

You need to release bound MAC/IP address to the modem by power cycling it. Power down by unplugging from outlet, wait 10 seconds, plug the modem back in. This process will reset the modem. If you have changed the CPE device (Computer/Laptop) or cloned the MAC address, you need to contact Technical Support to bind Hardware MAC.


The modem is not able to range the downstream and upstream RF signal (frequencies). You can`t connect to the internet unless the LED is stable. To correct it, firstly power cycle your cable modem and see if the LED becomes stable. If the LED is still blinking contact Technical Support for assistance.

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