Guide for successful E-learning

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COVID-19 has presented  such an emergency circumstance,  that the entire educational system is being  switched to e-learning in order to keep the students engaged in their academics.

The unexpected closure of schools during the lockdown has led to digital education to ensure safety and to keep up the students with the curriculum. Hence, it is quite challenging for teachers, parents, and students to get used to the new age of schooling through e-learning.

As nobody knows till when the schools and other educational institutions remain closed.

Guide For Successful E-learning:
Though the sudden change in the routine is a bit uncomfortable, there are some best ways and proven techniques to make virtual schooling or e-learning happy and healthy.

Here are some recommendations  for parents about how they can help their kids during e-learning amid lockdown:

  • Set Up Goals
  • Establish a Daily Routine
  • Choose the Right Place For E-Learning
  • Monitor Your kid’s Online Behaviour
  • Stay Connected Virtually
  • Tips for healthy E-learning
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Set Up Goals
Lockdown offers  a perfect time for kids or students to develop new skills. Hence parents can encourage their kids to set goals in order to spend their time productively. Here are a few steps about how to help your kids set up a goal:

  • Ask them to write their goal
  • Stick it at a place where it can be easily noticed
  • Establish an action plan and time needed to complete each task
  • Stick with the plan and measure the progress
  • Finally, make time to celebrate accomplishments, this will encourage kids to set up and achieve new goals.

Establish a Daily Routine

Parents need to set up a daily routine along with their kids with age-appropriate activities. This helps them to spend their time productively by creating equal opportunities for education, recreation, and family. Also, plan a time for physical activity like playing outside when they are done with online classes and school work. This aids kids’ physical and mental health.
Choose the Right Place For E-Learning
Help your kids to adopt the new way of learning by creating the right atmosphere for their virtual classes. Set up a quiet and comfortable space in the home dedicated especially for their learning. This way you can lower their chances of distraction and let them concentrate on their e-learning. Also, check for the right lighting and good network connectivity in the learning space to ensure children a better experience while distance learning virtually.
Monitor Your kid’s Online Behaviour
Stay with your kids during their virtual classes. This can help your kids if there are any technical issues that can disturb and even make them panic while engaging in their school work. Also, staying in touch with your kids while they are using the computer is crucial as increased access to the internet may heighten the risk for a child’s safety, protection, and privacy. Follow age-appropriate monitoring levels and use parental control apps for safe online sessions.

Stay Connected Virtually
As kids, they are unsure about the current situations and might be stressed out due to the new challenges they are facing about unexpected school closure or staying at home or engaging in their academics with e-learning. So, it is important for you as parents or caretakers to hear their concerns and help them to understand what is happening around them. Make sure to spend some time listening to them and provide age-appropriate information to make them comfortable and feel secure.

Though it is important to maintain social distancing, staying in touch with friends also helps a lot for children with emotional wellbeing.

Find out some ways to provide opportunities for kids to interact with friends and family members virtually in your presence. This helps to maintain connections and boost kids’ moods.

Also, staying in touch with children’s faculty helps you to stay informed about academics and provides guidance about how to support your kids during homeschooling.

Tips for Healthy E-learning

While it is important to help your kids stay focused on their academics, it is also important to make sure they do not develop any health issues due to excessive screen time during e-learning. Here are some crucial things to consider during virtual schooling:

  • Bigger screens: Use Ipads / tablets / laptops for e-learning classes instead of smartphones, as the smaller screens can strain the eyes
  • Right Posture: Maintain the right posture by keeping the back straight. This can help to lower the chances of back pain or other issues during prolonged sessions of e-learning.
  • Device Position: Do not encourage kids to place laptops on their laps. Instead, place them on a table with 10 to 30 degrees lower than eye level to avoid neck strain.
  • Device Distance: Don’t let kids sit too close to the screen. It is highly recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 1 and a half or 2 feet.
  • Avoid slouching: As e-learning sessions can last for around 45 to 60 minutes, make sure to use the right chair for kids. This helps to comfortably lean backward whenever needed instead of frequent slouching.
  • Supervision: Younger kids have a habit of drifting closure to the screen. So it is important to supervise them regularly and get them back to the right position.
  • Conscious blinking: Few kids stare constantly at screens without blinking. This can dry out and irritate the eyes. Make a conscious effort to frequent blinking which aids in refreshing the eyes.
  • Plan Regular Breaks: Don’t let kids stay in front of screens for a longer time. Make them move away from the screen and take a break for every 30 minutes.
  • Make Physically Active: During the breaks, let your kids stay active by walking around or do some stretching, jumping instead of resting on the couch.
  • Brightness Settings: Check and adjust the device brightness appropriately as too much brightness gives unwanted glare and too dim settings lead to unwanted eye strain.
  • Use spectacles: It is advisable for kids using spectacles to wear them during e-learning sessions. The anti-reflective coating on the glasses helps to cut the blue light from LED devices. Any older children who use contact lenses should consider wearing spectacles while staying at home.
  • Healthy Diet: Though maintaining a healthy diet is always important, giving more immunity-boosting foods to kids helps them to stay fit during these difficult times. Also, opting for more vitamin-A rich foods helps to preserve eye health, which usually gets affected due to continuous exposure to screens during e-learning classes.
  • Adequate Sleep: Getting a sound sleep helps to provide enough rest for the body and refreshes the whole system. Make sure your child gets around 8 – 10 hours of undisturbed sleep for better health.
  • Cut down screen time: Though it is not possible to reduce the screen time in the situation of e-learning and online classes, screen time can still be cut down if it is in case of entertainment like watching cartoons or playing video games. So, during playtime, provide your kids with various age-appropriate playing options to reduce screen time.
  • Block out distractions: Kids can get distracted easily. So, turn off the TV, video streaming games and other distracting activities to help them concentrate on their e-learning classes.

We hope these simple tips would effectively help you to be a great parent in supporting your kids during their new phase such as e-learning and make the most out of at-home schooling.