30 Mbps Residential FTTH

30 Mbps Residential Package is the very standard Internet Plans from Pokhara Internet , Designed for them where 2-3 users uses the internet to browse the social network sites., Streaming HD Movies, Sports.

 1 Month
6 Month12 Month
Rs 2,000Rs 12,000
Rs 11,400
Rs 24,000
Rs 21,600
InstallationRs 500Rs 500Rs 500
Drop CableRs 1,000Rs 5000
Router RentalRs 1,000Rs 1,000Rs 1,000
DepositRs 1,000Rs 1,000Rs 1,000
TotalRs 5,500Rs 15,000Rs 26,500

Terms & Conditions

  1.  Price are inclusive of 13% VAT

  2. FUP is applicable for all the plans

  3. Above plans are designed for Residential uses only.

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